We are accepting RFP’s until May 8th. We will announce the final four speakers shortly after.

Live on an Island for a Day

We wanted to make this year special, so we rented an entire island for the conference. The talks themselves will take place in an open-air beach house with a view of Boston not soon to be forgotten.

Overnight accommodations are available on Thompson Island. The Island Dorms are priced at $300. That includes:

  • Two night stay (Monday June 15th & Tuesday June 16th)
  • Dinner Monday night
  • Breakfast Tueday morning
  • Dinner Tuesday night (part of the after-party)
  • Breakfast Wednesday morning
On Sale - $300
Map of Thompson Island
Building for Wicked Good Ember Conf

Thanks to our sponsors!


Want More?

Not totally sold yet or just want to experience the joy of going back in time? No problem! We’ve got you covered – easily check out our 2014 conference. Just a word of warning, don’t touch anything and adjust the present… please.

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